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Chairman’s Newsletter

Dear Members

As you know I became Chairman at the last AGM. Aled and Emlyn Manley Williams joined Arwel Roberts and Dewi Williams on the board and since then Mike Mowbray has joined us and all three have settled in very quickly.

We have a lot going on at the moment and all Directors have an area of responsibility, for example, Dewi is now responsible for the greens budgets along with the chairman of the greens and HGK, he is also tasked with educating the new caterers in the ways of the golf club and getting all the kitchen equipment in good working order. As for the caterers, they have given a written guarantee to stay at the club until January 2020 and in an effort to overcome early problems they are going to ask all customers to fill in a survey.

Arwel is looking after the Dormy house refurbishment which is nearing completion, the projected timescale is mid July 2019. One flat is finished and the other two are close, this puts the project three months behind and this is due to the unforeseen problems and spec changes. The cost is about 10-15% over, final figures will be available mid July. An open day is planned for members to have a look around before letting commences, Arwel will then be taking over entertainment in the club and the next project which is planning for glamping pods.

Emlyn Williams is marketing and fund raising and along with the men’s and ladies section he has been raising monies for the new practice net which will be situated at the side of the trolley shed. Any money left over will go to the Presidents fund to smarten up the members bar, Emlyn is also organising the painting of the outside of the clubhouse after repairs.

Aled Williams is currently taking an in depth look at our business systems with a view to introducing a single system across the bar, bill paying and green fees, he is also looking at sponsorship opportunities with our suppliers.

Mike Mowbray is currently reviewing all the club documentation ie, health and safety, staff contracts and risk assessments, Mike is also assessing and organising repairs to the building ready for painting.

As for me, well I am involved in everything, the day to day running of the business, reviewing the club articles and expanding internet banking. I have also asked the Ladies and Men’s Captains, along with the president to revive the "Open Golf Competition Committee" to promote the club.

All club staff are involved in supporting all areas of club activities, Suzy, the Bar and Greens staff, Dylan in the shop however Steve Elliot is still responsible for all day to day running/problems in the club. As for the course, it is the best I have ever seen it, a big well done to Paul in his first year.

I know you all have questions and I hope this newsletter helps but please if you want more information or have a question/comments, please put them in greens book in the shop for the course, in the Bar and Catering book located behind the bar, or drop me a note through Steve in the shop and someone will get back to you. Finally, can I please respectfully request that members let all the directors that volunteer a lot of their time play golf in peace, we are all working hard for the club.

Thank you



Hi all,

As some of you may be aware, the club was broken into sometime early last Sunday morning through the same window as last time in the kitchen. No money or any valuable items were taken and no access was gained into the main area of the club.

The window has now been fixed and anti theft bars are to be fitted, many thanks to Emlyn Williams for sorting this out so quickly.

It does however bring home the world we live in, one day it may be the main club house and our safe. In an effort to minimise any such losses can I ask all members to help us with this and use less cash (and no I don’t mean stop spending and supporting our club!), just please use a bank card to top up your gold cards, you can pay subscriptions with a card or via internet banking but if you must use cash please get a receipt - if anything then gets lost/stolen or a system goes down both the club and yourselves have a payment record.

With members help and support we can continue to improve the efficient running of the club.

Many thanks

Graham Burke
Chairman Holyhead Golf Club


Naming the apartments

The Officials have selected the names for the apartments, they are: -
1) Southcott apartment
2) Burton apartment
3) Braid Apartment
Congratulations to those who chose the winning names, there is a bottle of wine to collect from the shop.

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